Freepath for the Classroom

An easy way to deliver engaging presentations and achieve increased results.

Capturing the attention of your students is key. But, utilizing different types of curriculum material can be difficult. Use Freepath to put all your content to work for you -- whether multimedia files and PowerPoint slides on your desktop or streaming videos and websites online. Freepath lets you bring it all together in a single playlist with on demand access. Simply drag, drop and teach! Find out how...

Dust off your projector and watch your classroom come alive.

  • No more boring lessons or lectures!
  • Your desktop content with the best of the web
  • Multi-modal tool for more effective teaching

Listen to our users.

"Freepath is the multimedia presentation tool I won't live without. It allows me to create an instructional path that includes any type of media material I want -- PowerPoint, video, audio, worksheets, web sites, etc. Instead of the old overheads, I can now use my laptop and a projector and organize everything I need for a lesson."

Sue Hellman, teacher